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How to Instantly Whiten Teeth with Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

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Instantly whiten teeth at home-naturally with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

Looking for ways to whiten your teeth? Check out how to instantly whiten teeth with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

If you want to look your best, then you may want to take a good hard look at your teeth to decide if you need to invest into some teeth whitening. Your smile are one of the first things that a person will notice when they meet you. A brighter smile can make you look instantly younger.

Don’t you want to set the right first impression? There’s no better way to show off your confidence and natural beauty than with a big, bright smile.

Yet many people are afraid to deliver a grin for one reason – yellow teeth. It was once thought that yellow teeth were a result of smoking, drinking large amounts of coffee, and not brushing. With more awareness to the public however, people now know that yellow teeth can also be simply a part of the aging process.

While certain foods and drinks contribute to the teeth turning yellow, this film also develops under normal, everyday conditions. When this film begins to build up, a yellow or brown looking color is left behind.

Fortunately with the addition of teeth whitening products, including over-the-counter kits and in-office procedures, people don’t have to live with yellow-tinted teeth.

The downside to many of these products is that they are not exactly budget friendly, especially when the process has to be repeated. That is why so many people are questioning whether baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can whiten the teeth – for good.

Using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide isn’t anything new; in fact, it’s one of the oldest and more traditional ways of whitening. 

Keep reading to find out why it works and how to whiten teeth with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen Peroxide in Teeth Whitening

Hydrogen peroxide contains properties that can actually act like a bleaching agent. It is a weak acid that is found in mouth washes. Tooth pastes and other types of disinfectants. Many solutions in the market contain hydrogen peroxide as bleaching agent to whiten teeth.

Baking Soda in Teeth Whitening

Baking soda is scientifically known as sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate is used in the baking industry and it is a leavening agent. It helps in breaking up the plaque in the mouth and the teeth.

Plaque contributes to teeth coloring. When it gets in contact with saliva, it releases free radicals which penetrate the tooth enamel removing stains and inhibiting plaque formation.

People drink a lot of beverages and consume food on a daily basis. Sodium bicarbonate can help to clean up debris left on and between the teeth.

Baking Soda and Peroxide make a great combo

A mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide is very effective when it comes to teeth whitening. The reason why baking soda and peroxide works to whiten teeth is two-fold.

First, the baking soda removes teeth stains, dulls plaque and reduces tooth decay.

Secondly, the hydrogen peroxide has oxidizing effects that help to bleach the teeth a whiter color.

So in short, these two ingredients do whiten teeth and are a safe and cost-effective way to welcome pearly whites back into your life.

How to Whiten Teeth with Baking Soda and Peroxide

Instantly whiten teeth with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide at home with these simple steps. The mixture is super easy and cheap to make.

Simply put a small amount of baking soda in a dish or bowl, and add a few teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide. Usually 2-3 teaspoons is adequate, but you may have to try it a few times until you get the right texture.

When combining the two, the texture should resemble that of toothpaste, soft and a bit rubbery. You can then brush your teeth using the concoction, leaving it on for two minutes, then rinse out your mouth thoroughly, being careful not to swallow.

Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are great tools for lightening stains, but they do not eliminate stains in their entirety.

There are many teeth whitening options from which you can choose. However, some are incredibly expensive. If you are looking for a solid way to rid your life of stains, take the time to invest in baking soda and hydrogen peroxide tooth whitening.

This is an inexpensive and effective way to get your teeth white. The following includes some information about what to expect from this method.

This process is inexpensive because all you need is a box of baking soda, a cup, hydrogen peroxide and something to mix and stir the mixture with. This is quite a shift from bleaching treatments and veneers, each of which can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Making this mixture is incredibly easy. All you have to do is take two teaspoons of the baking soda and mix it with a teaspoon of the hydrogen peroxide. You can add some normal toothpaste to the mixture if you want this consistency and if you want some flavor to it. Be sure to use this mixture at least once a week if not a couple times a week. Additionally, though this treatment is relatively safe, you should still try and avoid swallowing it.

Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are great because they are sure to get rid of stains while also keeping your mouth healthy.

This treatment is effective in ridding the mouth of toxins, acids, and harmful bacteria. If you pair this treatment with lifestyle changes like cutting back on the amount of coffee and soda you drink, you can turn a yellow smile into a bright white one.

One of the most talked about home remedies for whitening teeth is hydrogen peroxide mixed with baking soda. This mixture really helps in whitening teeth.

Baking soda is a very mild abrasive that that can actually remove stains. Additionally, it can remove the bacterial acid and toxins that form plaque. The mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide acts on the surface of the teeth with a forming action to remove stains from them.

Final thoughts

This treatment is really all about commitment. You have to want to change the color of your teeth. Thus, if you smoke or heavily drink staining drinks, it may be time to cut these things out of your life.

Your smile is something you should share with the world. If you have yellow teeth, you may be less likely to smile and may have lower self esteem. If you choose to easily whiten teeth with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, you can turn all of this around for little cost.

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