Why You Need a Tongue Scraper

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If you haven’t used a tongue scraper yet. You are missing out.

Seriously missing out.

It’s like a luxury for your mouth.

And a luxury for your friends so they don’t have to smell your dragon breath.

Tongue scrapers are one of the most affordable dental products on the market.

They can truly change your life.

So much harmful, bad breath causing bacteria lives on your tongue.

Gross. It’s as easy as gliding a tongue scraper over your tongue for 5 seconds to get it off.

Too easy.

You simply glide the scraper from the back of the mouth and pull it forward and see all the yucky plaque come off!

There are many tongue scrapers available.

As a dental hygienist and certified tooth nerd, I’ve tried nearly all of them. They come in several shapes and sizes. Most are fairly inexpensive and worth every penny plus more.

Lots of people choose to brush their tongue with their toothbrush. I personally like to keep them separate and feel like a “true” tongue scraper does a much better job!

Also lots of toothbrushes claim that the little bumps that look like braille on the backside of the toothbrush head is a tongue scraper. Just stop. It’s not.

No more gagging if you use a tongue scraper

Additionally, the average person gags while trying to scrape their tongue. The majority of people find tongue scrapers to be MUCH easier to use since they are less likely to cause gagging! So you can get further back and really get the gunk off!

Here is my top pick for tongue scrapers:

The OraBrush Tongue Cleaner: 

Tons of ultrasoft micro-pointed bristles. These are very long and tapered so they are able to reach and scrub areas where your toothbrush cannot reach! Designed to get into deeper crevices than a regular toothbrush.

orabrushtongue cleaner review

The OraBrush tongue scraper can also be cleaned in the top rack of the dishwasher! Replace only every 3 months or so.

It gets even better!

Although you can just use water along with this product, if you want to really step up your fresh breath game, use TUNG Cleaner! Typically regular toothpaste is too thick but this tongue cleaning gel is JUST PERFECT! It is formulated to get rid of the gas that is formed by stinky breath bacteria on your tongue.  Use in conjunction with the OraBrush and you will be crowned the clean tongue champion!

tongue cleaning gel

Other things you can do to help with bad breath:

  1.  Brush  your teeth 2 x daily. My favorite, the BURST brush. Check out this article and use my code FFERVX to save $30 BURST Toothbrush Review
  2. Floss every night. Check out my recommendation for Coco Floss. Coco Floss Review
  3. Use a mouth rinse. Check out my recommendation of Closys. CloSYS
  4. If you have dry mouth problems. Consider using Biotene products. Check out this article. Dry Mouth
  5. Continue seeing your dentist 2 x yearly for regular exams and routine dental cleanings

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