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As a pediatric dental hygienist, I am often asked about ways to stop thumb sucking and finger sucking. I have tried and tested just about every thumb sucking product and thumb sucking device there is.

Finally a parent’s prayers are answered. The TGuard is an anti thumb sucking device that helps to stop thumb sucking almost instantly and easily.

Before we get into the anti thumb sucking device, let’s discuss why a long time thumb sucking habit is bad.

Why Prolonged Thumb Sucking is Bad

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Thumb and finger sucking can cause many social and dental problems.

Prolonged thumb sucking can delay social skills and cause speech issues. Thumb sucking can cause sickness due to the transfer of germs from hands to mouth. This can also cause dental infections and other issues.

A prolonged thumb sucking habit can cause permanent changes and malformations of the teeth, jaws and palate of the mouth. If the damage is fixable, it can take years worth of braces and orthodontic treatment to correct. Sometimes, dental surgeries or extra dental appliances will be needed.

Unfortunately children are often bullied from their thumb sucking habits too.

Check out this article for 12 easy ways to stop thumb sucking. That article includes several tips and tricks to help you and your child cope with the process of stopping thumb and finger sucking. That article also goes into more depth about why stopping this bad habit is so important.

But for this article, we are going to focus on my favorite way to help stop this bad thumb sucking habit, the TGuard. The TGuard is an anti thumb sucking device. A dental product so good, it needed it’s own article. Welcome to the Tguard review.

TGuard Review

In this TGuard review, we will go over how the thumb sucking device works and how to use it. The TGuard is an anti thumb sucking device which has delivered, fast, affordable and painless results to many of my patients. I could not NOT share this gem with you.

Why the TGuard anti thumb sucking device works

The TGuard is a safe, effective and affordable thumb sucking treatment option. The TGuard kit is an anti thumb-sucking device kit that contains everything you need to break the thumb or finger sucking habit for good.

The purpose of the air ventilated openings is so that when the child sucks their thumb with this device on, it will not create a suction due to the air flow. The suction is the motion and feel that children seek when sucking their thumbs and fingers.

When this feeling is lost, children lose interest in wanting to continue the sucking habit. It is no longer fun or pleasurable for the child to suck their thumb or fingers.

This stop thumb sucking kit also contains stars for a great reward system. Kids love earning rewards for good behavior. It keeps the motivation strong and the children excited for their progress.

TGuard thumb stopping kit contains colorful, adjustable bands that wrap around the thumb sucking device to keep the device in place and comfortable. The kids love being able to pick out their colors. The child can wear the device day and night for the duration of the treatment.

The TGuard has air vents placed all throughout the thumb sucking device and a super soft material to make the guard breathable and comfortable. The child can play and do almost all normal activities with these guards on.

The flexible, soft material makes it where the child can do almost all of their normal daily activities without interference. The air vents keep it cool and moisture free.

With the TGuard, the thumb sucking habit is usually broke within 30 days. It has been my experience that it doesn’t even take that long. Most people will see great results within a week. I also love that they offer a 30 day results, money back guarantee.

The TGuard anti thumb sucking device is dentist approved. We would much rather see a parent try this method then have to go through the process of getting a habit appliance made. The TGuard is also FDA listed, made in the USA and tested to be very safe.

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Final thoughts

I would 100% recommend using a TGuard as an anti thumb sucking device or anti finger sucking device over any other method. TGuard will always be my number one go to choice. It is easy, effective. affordable and painless. I have personally seen so many great results with this device.

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Kelly Hancock, RDH

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