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Teeth Yellow After Braces? Why and How to Fix It!

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Teeth Yellow After Braces?

You are not alone if your teeth are yellow after braces. Many people have this great dream of having perfectly shiny pearly whites after they get their braces removed. Sometimes the yellow color of our teeth once the braces come off can be a real let down.

Yellow teeth after braces is not actually from braces. Braces themselves do not actually cause yellow teeth. However, braces are hard to keep clean and many people do not maintain proper hygiene to prevent yellowing and staining teeth. This is why many people are dissatisfied with the color after having their braces removed.

Yellow teeth after braces is fairly common. As a dental hygienist, I see this disappointment almost daily. Fortunately there are many things you can do to help!

Prevention is Key

If you have braces now and you stumbled on this site then that is great! There is still time to make sure you are doing everything you can to try and prevent yellowing of the teeth after braces. The most common reason for yellow teeth after braces is due to poor hygiene while in braces.

We highly recommend this braces care kit that contains everything you need to maintain great oral hygiene while in braces. We also highly recommend a water flosser. Check out our recommendations for the best water flossers.

If you already got your braces off and are looking for a solution to your yellow discolored teeth, then keep on reading.

Proper Brushing with Braces

Good oral hygiene and proper home care with braces can be really tricky. You have to be sure to brush extra well around the brackets paying special attention to the gum line. There are lots of wires and metal pieces that need to be cleaned thoroughly. Food and debris tend to get caught up around the brackets and wires and you need to be extra diligent to remove them.

Spend at least 2 minutes brushing thoroughly. It is best to start in one quadrant of the mouth for 30 seconds being sure to scrub front, back, top, sides and extra good around all the brackets and wires. Repeat this in each quadrant, 30 seconds at a time. Be sure to play close attention to the area between the gums and the bracket.

I recommend the BURST toothbrush to get around the ortho brackets really well. It has a unique bristle design that has long, thin tapered bristles which can reach around the brackets and along the gum margin. Bonus, it has charcoal bristles which can help remove and prevent stain. Again, the key is prevention if possible.

Proper Flossing with Braces

One main reason for yellow tooth discoloration after braces is lack of flossing with braces. Floss at least daily with braces. Your orthodontist will show you how to use special flossers to pass under your ortho wire to clean in between the teeth. This will help prevent cavities and buildup which can both discolor teeth.

water pik

I highly recommend a water flosser not only just for ortho patients but for everyone. Water flossers are amazing for flushing and irrigating bacteria and food particles and plaque out of the teeth. All of which can stain and cause teeth to be yellow. This can also prevent cavities from in between the teeth.

Mouth Rinse with Braces

Rinse well with a fluoridated mouth rinse which will help keep the teeth strong and help prevent decalcification. Decalcification is the break down of enamel. Decalcification can present itself as a chalky white color which can eventually stain yellow or dark brown and can also decay.

Dental Visits with Braces

Visit your dentist every 6 months for your routine exam and cleaning. The dental hygienist will clean plaque and any hardened plaque (tartar or calculus) off of the teeth. Calculus is a dark yellow color and can definitely cause the teeth to be discolored.

Check out this article on how often to visit the orthodontist.

Yellow Teeth After Braces

After your braces are off, if your teeth are yellow there are a few things you can do.

Be sure to visit your dentist to get your teeth cleaned and examined. There may be calculus build up or leftover cement that is causing the teeth to be discolored. Your dental professional can remove the buildup and leftover cement making the teeth whiter and brighter.

A good polishing at the dentist can also help remove any staining as well. If you have decalcification a fluoridated mouth rinse may help strengthen these areas.

Whitening Teeth After Braces

If you are still unsatisfied with the color of your teeth after braces, you can whiten them with whitening products.

I personally recommend BURST Oral Care’s Coconut Oil Whitening Strips. I recommend them because one, they work really well. I’ll post my own personal results below. And two, they don’t cause any sensitivity. They are very gentle, yet effective and also soothing due to the coconut oil.There are almost zero sensitivity reports with these strips. Thirdly, they are crazy affordable! They are only $14.99 with my burst promo code FFERVX. You can purchase them by clicking HERE with all discounts attached if you are interested.

Also, be sure to check out our recommendations for the best teeth whitening products.

BURST white strip before and afters

I also recommend the BURST Sonic Toothbrush to help maintain whiteness and remove stain plus prevent future stain. The BURST Sonic Toothbrush is extremely powerful and has safe CHARCOAL bristles that help whiten teeth. I love everything about this toothbrush. It has feathered, soft, tapered bristles that clean teeth much better than its competitors in my professional opinion.

You can also purchase this for $30 of with my dental hygiene discount code FFERVX by clicking below > https://www.burstoralcare.com/product/toothbrush?coupon_code=FFERVX

If you want to learn about all of the amazing features in my review post, check it out here > BURST Toothbrush Review

Always consult with your dentist before doing any whitening treatment. If you have any questions for me, leave them in the comments below.

Kelly Hancock, RDH

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