Teeth falling out dream meaning

Teeth Falling Out Dream- 10 Surprising Dream Interpretations

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Did you have a teeth falling out dream? What about a dream you are spitting teeth out? If so, you are not alone. Apparently having a dream about teeth falling out is fairly common.

These kind of dreams that are related to teeth falling out contain different types of interesting meanings. If you know what these dreams really mean or how to interpret them then it can help you deal and face your present worries and insecurities.

Inferiority Complex

Experts state that if you have seen a dream about teeth falling out then it can mean that you are struggling with an inferiority complex. If in daily life, you are feeling embarrassed in some situations or feeling inferior you may have this dream.

If you have issues about your overall self-esteem these things can result in the form of dental-related dreams. Sometimes, the teeth falling dream also comes from a personal power loss. No matter if this loss is being lost via misdealings with other people or given away actively.

If you having this case, you need to be more assertive in your waking life to check whether it will make something different in your dream.

By managing your needs and yourself and if you are investing but not sure about it, then you should say NO to these things. Possibly, you will gain some power back and will feel yourself in more control.

Feeling Insecure

There are some types of loss and important changes in your life that can be linked with teeth falling out dreams. If you are facing some losses in your life such as sudden job change, or end to a relationship or a job change then it is possible to see a dreamlike tooth falling.

Fear of telling bad Thing

If you are in a situation and you are feeling fear about saying something that can be embarrassing then these dreams can come up. It will make a great sense if you think about teeth dreams, and how often teeth are falling out in a dramatic way. This kind of dream will happen if you are having some important event or some big date is coming up. Actually, it can prepare you before time come for your important incident and you will feel more confident once you will go to a specific situation. 

A Nurtured Secret

Desire to be a young child again could cause these teeth dreams. It means that you are desiring about an easier time such as wanting to be a kid taken care of in all things by your mom and dad.

This also means that you are experiencing some potential growth time. In this situation, if you will play in the right way, then possibly, everything will become best and perfect.


This kind of teeth dream shows that you should take care of yourself when you are passing through different life changes. These changes can include you are facing growth, finding hidden aspects related to yourself and also discovering other neglected aspects.

Renewed Strength

Teeth may be seen as a power symbol. That’s why if you will see this type of dream, then you can relate it to your personal strength.

This shows about taking more control over yourself or the environment or other people. It could also mean about increment in your confidence level in a different situation in your life such as a personal relationship or business situation.

Costly Compromises

When you are facing situations in which you have to make decisions, you are not content with the options available. This could involve career path or going back to school.

Money problems

If you think about your teeth, it shows that the teeth are powerful and strong parts of our bodies.

Money is something that when people have it, they feel more secure. However, if you having a deficiency of it, this thing can really disturb your subconscious. 

If you have not saved enough money (teeth falling resembles it as they are our body’s strong part), this thing can come up in your dreams like cutting or losing your tooth or when you are seeing teeth fall dream, you will get awake after your teeth fall out.

Can’t make a Choice

A tooth falling dream also points out the price of inaction. It also means that you are facing some situations in which you have lost your strength or abilities to make better decisions or you can’t digest vital information related to you. 


This type of dream also has one interpretation about self image. It could mean you are scared about not being able to work effectively, missing assertiveness, or getting older.


Having a dream about teeth falling out can be strange but it can open you up to interpretations about what may be going on in your life. Be open to interpreting these teeth falling out dream and dig deeper to find their meaning.

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