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Plaque on Teeth? How to Tell and Remove!

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Plaque on teeth?

How do you know if your kids are brushing their teeth well?

What about you? Are you doing a good job brushing your own teeth?

Are you or your children getting the third degree about oral hygiene every time you go to the dentist?

Plaque on your teeth can be very damaging to the teeth, gums and body. It is the number one cause of damage to teeth. Plaque is not only bad for your teeth, it is bad for your overall health. It causes body inflammation and can lead to serious health problems.

What if I told you about an amazing toothpaste that helps you visually identify plaque and learn how to eliminate it?

Bonus, it is all natural and safe and FUN for the whole family.

Plaque HD targets leftover plaque making it visible and easy to brush off. You can be sure you are your family are taking good care of their oral health.

Well your answer is finally here! The first true plaque identifying toothpaste!

How to identify plaque on teeth

Plaque HD Toothpaste

Remember going to the dentist when you were little and your dental hygienist would have you chew on these little red tablets? Next, she would have you brush your teeth and spit it out. Then, the red tablet would dye all of the leftover plaque in your mouth a dark red color.

Those red tablets are called disclosing tablets. Disclosing tablets stain plaque on teeth red so you know exactly where to go back and brush.

I always thought these were the absolute coolest things!! Messy, but so cool! I remember always wishing I could take some home with me! Well now Plaque HD has made that possible!

plaque hd

They have created this fabulous toothpaste that stains yucky, harmful plaque a green color. This is a great tool for teaching proper brushing techniques!

plaque hd

How awesome is that?

Not only does it help you know where to go back and brush better, it is all natural and safe for the entire family!

Plaque HD is a great tool for kids. They love it! The color changing toothpaste is sure to hold their attention and making brushing teeth fun.

Plaque HD toothpaste is fun and exciting for them to try and beat their plaque score every time!

I’m all about anything that encourages better oral hygiene and this is definitely a great motivator.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Medicine, Plaque HD identifies and removes plaque 2 times as effectively as other leading toothpastes.

Plaque HD is such an easy toothpaste that the entire family can use it! It was invented by a dentist and powered by a team of top chemist.

Help teach your family better brushing habits by identifying all the plaque left behind!

Plaque HD comes in two flavors: mint and bubblegum. Yum.

I consider Plaque HD the best toothpaste for kids. Not only is it a great toothpaste, it teaches them how to brush properly and actually identify plaque on teeth.

plaque hd

As a registered dental hygienist, feel free to use my Plaque HD coupon code SpecialVIPPromo2 to save $2 on the toothpaste or $5 for orders over $50 with promo code AmbVip50 (can be used on any combination of products). USE THIS LINK>

How to use Plaque HD toothpaste

1. Place a small amount of Plaque HD toothpaste on your toothbrush. Do not use water. Just brush with the toothpaste.

2. Brush your teeth as you normally would. Spit. Do not rinse.

3. Look in the mirror, and as you see the green color, keep brushing those areas. Those are areas where plaque on teeth is still there.

4. Once all of the green color is gone, rinse your mouth out.

Ta daaa! That’s it. Now you have brushed all the plaque off of your teeth!

Other Plaque HD products

Plaque HD also has a pretty awesome whitening toothpaste that has the same plaque identifying technology. You can buy it HERE.

Plaque HD also has an amazing remineralizing mouthwash which helps strengthen the teeth and remineralize weakened enamel. Bonus, it has aloe and tea tree oil in it which is great for dry mouth! You can also get it with my favorite breath spray!

They also have a fresh breath spray which is AWESOME! I just keep it in my purse and spray a squirt in my mouth whenever I need to freshen up. This freshens my breath when I don’t have time to brush and floss! Perfect for those of us always on the go!

In summary

If you want you or your kids to have better hygiene habits, get this plaque dying toothpaste. Start brushing more efficiently and effectively!

Kelly Hancock, RDH

P.S, pair it with a great toothbrush!

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If you are looking for the best, most powerful toothbrush to pair with this amazing toothpaste, I highly recommend the BURST sonic toothbrush.

I am a BURST Ambassador and swear by this brush! Check out why I love the BURST brush so much HERE and also feel free to use my BURST promo code FFERVX to save 42% off! Making this amazing sonic brush only $39.99!

Bonus, it has charcoal bristles which help whiten teeth and remove stains safely!

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