oral b clic toothbrush review

Oral B Clic Toothbrush Review & Video By a Dental Hygienist

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Oral B Clic Toothbrush Review

When I saw there was a new toothbrush on the market, you know I had to be one of the first to try it. Something told me this one was going to be special. This manual toothbrush is a lot different than the rest. Keep reading to check out my Oral B Clic toothbrush review.

Of course, as a dental hygienist, I will always recommend an electric toothbrush (check out my favorite- BURST sonic toothbrush review plus burst promo code ). Electric toothbrushes have so many more benefits to them you can read more in this article> Why an electric toothbrush is better.

But if I had to pick a manual toothbrush, the Oral B Clic tootbrush is it! It definitely takes the cake on manual toothbrushes on the market right now.

The new Oral B Clic manual toothbrush is eco friendly, has magnetic technology and replaceable brush heads. About time something came along to shake up the manual toothbrush world.

Oral B Clic Toothbrush Review Video

See it in action below in this oral b toothbrush review video

What makes Oral B Clic Toothbrush so different?

oral b clic replaceable brush head
  • Eco Friendly

The Oral B Clic toothbrush is the first manual toothbrush with a replaceable head. This means 60% less plastic waste according to Oral B. Less plastic waste makes this toothbrush very environmentally friendly.

This is great news because in this article, Can toothbrushes be recycled, you’ll learn that it is very hard to recycle a toothbrush. By using a toothbrush with a replaceable head, you are using much less plastic waste.

The clickable technology makes it easy to replace your toothbrush head every 3 months.

oral b clic brush head
  • Brush head design

Perhaps the most important quality of any toothbrush is the bristle design. The bristle design of the Oral B Clic toothbrush is exceptional! They used a cris cross bristle design that gets the bristles into tiny spaces like between the teeth. Oral B Clic toothbrush uses x-filament technology that has advanced filaments for more plaque removal. The bristles are angled to sweep around the gum line, cleaning more coverage with every brush stroke.

oral b clic magnetic toothbrush
  • Hygienic magnetic brush holder

Perhaps the coolest part of the brush and what another feature that really sets it apart is the magnetic brush holder. Apart from the replaceable manual toothbrush head, the magnetic holder is what really drew me in. It has an adhesive on one side that can stick almost anywhere and the toothbrush is magnetic which goes on the holder. I have mine on my mirror. This is much more hygienic than putting it away in a toothbrush drawer or in a cup. Check out the video above showing the oral b clic magnetic toothbrush features.

Sleek color combos

The Oral B Clic Toothbrush Collection comes in black, white or chrome. You get a 2 pack of replacement brush heads for $8.99. The replacement heads come in black or white. With all of these sleek options, you can mix and match your color preference.

  • Made to last

The brush handle on this Clic toothbrush is made heavy duty and built to last. It has an awesome clickable technology that allows the brush head to attach with ease. It also has a nice gripper on the handle to make grasping easy.

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Final Thoughts

Props to Oral B for making an effort to help the environment with less plastic waste by making an awesome manual toothbrush with replaceable brush heads. The magnetic feature keeps the toothbrush off the counter and out of the drawers and into a hygienic area. The brush is designed very well provides a great clean. I hope you enjoyed this Oral B Clic toothbrush review. I will definitely recommend this brush to my patients who prefer a manual toothbrush over an electric. Stick around for more dental product reviews and recommendations.

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