How Often To Make Orthodontist Appointments

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How Often To Make Orthodontist Appointments

Many people wonder how often they should go to the orthodontist. Teeth straightening is not limited to just braces. Your treatment may include functional orthodontic appliances such as teeth spacers, a palatal expander or even a Herbst appliance which will require you to make multiple visits as the treatment continues.

Moreover, if you expect great results out of your orthodontic treatment, you must make routine visits to your orthodontist not just during the treatment, but also after that.

And though how often you must make appointments depends on the severity of your case, there are a few guidelines that remain the same for all patients. Read on. 

How often to visit the orthodontist

This is not how all orthodontic visit orders go but here is a typical scenario.

First Orthodontist Visit – During your first visit, your orthodontist will analyze the severity of your case. They may take an X-ray to look at your teeth and also see how your jaw interacts with the skull. They will then discuss the teeth straightening options with you, for example, traditional braces and self-ligating braces. They will also discuss the financial plan for your orthodontic treatment. 

It is recommended that the first visit to orthodontist be made at the age of 7 because it is the age when teeth and jaws are still growing and can respond to the treatment quickly. However, you can get braces at any age. The only difference will be the duration of the treatment. Also, if your case is severe, the discomfort may be slightly more at a later age. 

Second Orthodontist Visit – In the second visit, your orthodontist will place teeth spacers or separators around your molars that would provide some space between them to fit bands the next time you visit. After that, braces will be glued on to your teeth. 

Third Orthodontist Visit – After a week, during your third visit, the separators will be removed and elastic or metal wires will be tied in. This visit won’t be required in case of self-ligating braces since they do not require wires or bands. 

After Getting BracesOnce you get braces, you will have to make routine orthodontist visits every 4 to 6 weeks. Your orthodontist will check the progress of the treatment and tighten the braces or replace the archwire or bands if necessary. Tightening braces makes sure that the braces are doing their job, continuing to move teeth into the right position. Therefore, if you don’t make regular orthodontist visits after getting braces, the treatment won’t be effective. 

In the case of self-ligating braces, the appointments will be scheduled further apart because they do not require tightening. 

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After Removing Braces– Teeth tend to move back into their original position after the braces come off. So, to avoid that, you will have to wear retainers after the braces are removed. If your orthodontist fits you for a removable or temporary retainer, you will have to make a visit again after a month. They will suggest if you can move from all-day retainers to night-only retainers. There are several different type of retainers.

But if you are asked to wear permanent retainers, you will have to visit your orthodontist only when they come loose or need any kind of repair. Your orthodontist will suggest when you can stop wearing retainers, and that’s when you will have to make one final visit to their office. 

Remember to take great care of your retainers. Here is a great article on how to clean dental retainers.

Why are follow-up orthodontist appointments important?

The results of your orthodontic treatment can only be great if you take the treatment plan seriously and make regular follow-up visits. For example, if you do not get damaged archwires replaced or bands tightened, the treatment will have no effect on your teeth. And this will only disappoint you and add more time to your treatment. So, stick to the schedule, and you will certainly not experience much difficulty during the treatment. 

Do not underestimate the importance of routine follow-ups. If you want to win your best smile, be proactive and follow the appointment schedule diligently. Keep smiling!

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