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The BURST Sonic Toothbrush

The BURST brush is beautiful in both black and white. Its fantastic sonic action fights surface stains and is designed to make teeth whiter and brighter in just days. Our super soft, charcoal-infused bristles blast plaque and gingivitis, not your gums!

  • Via subscription only.
  • $6 per replacement head, cancel at any time.

BURST Wonderfully Whitening Toothpaste

Say hello to a brighter smile

  • Removes surface stains fast
  • Visibly whiter and cleaner teeth
  • Enamel safe
  • Delicious ‘no burn’ mint flavor
  • 4.7 oz (133g)

Specially formulated by Dental Professionals. Now endorsed by 1000s of their colleagues.

BURST Coconut Whitening Strip

Professionally formulated enamel safe whitening strips.

  • 7 pouches (7 days supply)
  • 14 strips total (7 upper, 7 lower)
  • Visibly whiter teeth after just one application
  • Remove years of stains in just one week

Endorsed and recommended by 1000’s of Dentists and Hygienists

This is the brush to give you WHITE teeth and make you feel PROUD of your smile. Even your best friends will be JEALOUS of how good you look.

BURST is good for your teeth: Over 10,000 DENTISTS & HYGIENISTS have said they think this brush is better than anything else on the market.

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