essential oils for gum disease

10 Essential Oils for Gum Disease

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Essential Oils for Gum Disease

10 Essential OIls for Gum Disease

Essential oils are famous for their therapeutic and healing properties. The use of essential oils is not new; they have been used for centuries.  Now, the essential oils have been in use for health care.

People are using essential oils for the aromatherapy and even sometimes ingestion for specific benefits. Essential oils are cheap and the can be a great way to treat gingivitis. There are several great essential oils for gum disease.

If gingivitis is in the early stages and you have started treatment, then there are good chances that you can treat it with essential oils. Never compromise on quality and always buy high-quality essential oils. 

The Best Essential Oils for Gingivitis

The top essential oils for gum disease and gingivitis are given below:

  • Clove Oil

Clove oil for gingivitis is a much needed essential oil for oral health. According to clinical research, clove oil can be a good choice for providing relief from tooth pain (see list of essential oils for a toothache) and bad breath. It can also be a handy choice for dealing with gum disease. Clove oil has the ability to limit the growth of bacteria, and it can help to fight against throat and mouth infections

  • Thyme Oil

Thyme oil for gingivitis is a great choice. Thyme oil is yet another essential oil for oral treatments. Thyme belongs to the mint family, that’s why it is mostly used in elixirs to offer freshness and flavor. Due to its mint nature, it is also used in mouthwashes. Thyme oil contains natural chemicals that play a vital role in defending against tooth decay, oral infections, and gingivitis. So, it is the best remedy for the treatment of gingivitis. 

  • Oregano Oil

Oregano oil for gum disease: This essential oil is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties. This powerful antioxidant can help to reduce fungal and bacterial infections significantly. It can be used alone or in combination with coconut oil to treat gingivitis. This combination of oregano and coconut can also be used for oil pulling treatments. Oregano oil is an essential oil that also helps in boosting the immune system

  • Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil for gingivitis is a great oil to have. It is known for its numbing and cooling properties. Such properties make this essential oil an ideal choice for the treatment of muscle aches and soothe teeth. Lots of research have been done to check the effectiveness of peppermint oil. It has proven to be powerful for fighting against pathogens and improve oral health. It also helps in killing the bacteria that can lead to gum disease and cavities. It is a good choice for the treatment of gingivitis. 

  • Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil for gingivitis and gum disease: Tea tree oil is yet another effective essential oil that contains powerful ingredients and can easily diminish plaque. Tea tree oil is a perfect remedy for bad breath. It is mostly found in toothpaste and mouthwashes. It has a strong ability to kill bacteria, avoid tooth decay, and provide relief from bleeding gums. Extra care is required while using it because it is not for internal use. It is just for use in toothpaste and mouthwash. It is also proven to be helpful in treating gingivitis

  • Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon oil for gingivitis: Cinnamon oil is one of the best among all the essential oils. It is known for its antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. Cinnamon oil is much needed for oral health care. It can provide you relief from sore throat. Some people have found it useful for treating gingivitis. As it is mentioned earlier, because of its antibacterial properties, it fights against bacteria and prevents tooth decay

  • Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass oil for gingivitis: Lemongrass oil has been found to be effective for reducing gingivitis and plaque than the traditional mouthwashes. Just prepare the mixture by adding a few drops of oil into a cup of water. Use it two to three times a day for good results. To avoid irritation, always start with a highly diluted mixture. 

  • Aloe Vera Mouthwash

Aloe Vera oil for gingivitis: Aloe vera is an effective remedy for treating gingivitis and plaque. A good thing about this oil is, there is no need to dilute it if it is pure. To enjoy the benefits of aloe vera, buy it from a reputable store and follow the instructions that are given on the label.  Don’t try this mouthwash if you have ever used aloe vera and aloe vera has caused allergy. 

  • Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is famous for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties because it contains lauric acid. It has been found that coconut oil can significantly reduce the signs of gingivitis. Coconut oil pulling can also help to whiten teeth, relief from tension and headache, and freshen breath. This oil pulling method is safe to use, but be careful while using it. Don’t swallow it because it contains toxins. 

  • Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil for gingivitis is another great essential for gum disease. It is yet another useful essential oil that helps to reduce the signs of gingivitis. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties that can help to treat receding gums and also to boost the growth of new gum tissue. This oil is easy to use and easily available. Just use it with a little care, and don’t swallow it. 

 How to Avoid Gingivitis?

It is a famous proverb that “prevention is better than cure.” So, take preventive actions rather than corrective actions and remain protected from gingivitis. Read here for the importance of oral health.

These preventive actions will prevent you from gingivitis. 

Conclusion on Essential oils for gingivitis

I hope you give some of these essential oils for gum disease a try to improve your oral health. Essential oils can be a great treatment for gingivitis. Always visit your dentist if you have a concern and before trying out any of the above methods. There could always be an underlying issue that needs to be addressed by your dentist.

Kelly Hancock, RDH

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