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Are Electric Toothbrushes Better? 20 Reasons Why

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Are electric toothbrushes better than a regular toothbrush? 

20 Reasons You Should Be Using an Electric Toothbrush

  1. Electric toothbrushes are easier to use! Using a regular manual toothbrush relies solely on the users ability to brush adequately. Manual standard toothbrushes are powered by the hand only. Electric toothbrushes do most of the work for you! Electric toothbrushes are less technique sensitive since you just move the brush from tooth to tooth.
  2. Manual toothbrushes only have up to 300 strokes per minute. Oscillating toothbrushes have 2,500 to 7,500 strokes per minute. Sonic Electric toothbrushes can go up to 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute! The most powerful on the market, at 33,000 sonic vibrations per min,. (66,000 strokes) is the BURST toothbrush!
  3. Electric toothbrushes are usually safer for your gums and teeth. When using a manual toothbrush, the user typically brushes too hard which can damage teeth and gums.
  4. Most electric toothbrushes come with a pressure sensor that alerts you if you are brushing too hard!
  5. Sonic electric toothbrushes have high powered sonic vibrations can actually clean areas even further than what they are even touching. This is due to their extra fast sonic vibrations forcing saliva, water and toothpaste around harder to reach areas. Sonic vibrations have been shown to have an effect 5 mm past where the bristles are actually even touching!
  6. Electric toothbrushes flush and irrigate gum pockets better than a standard brush. This can result in healthier gums and teeth!
  7. Sonic electric vibrations can actually disrupt these bacterial colonies and kill off harmful bacteria! Your mouth contains streptococcus mutans, a cariogenic (cavity causing) bacteria. Studies have shown that sonic brushes can actually KILL AND DESTROY THE CELL WALL plus their ability to attach to the teeth.
  8. Electric toothbrushes are now more affordable than ever! Some electric toothbrushes still have a hefty price tag of close to $300 but now there are amazing options available that still have all the bells and whistles. BURST is my favorite due to its charcoal infused bristle design, quality of the brush and its affordability. It also happens to be the most powerful on the market! Since I am a dental hygienist and BURST Ambassador, you can save $30 on one and get it for only $39.99 with code FFERVX at burstoralcare.com or click HERE.
  9. Electric toothbrushes typically have a built in 2 minute timer. This ensures you are brushing the proper amount of time. Typical regular toothbrushes do not have a timer. So you aren’t likely to brush your full 2 minutes.
  10. Additionally, some awesome sonic electric toothbrushes like the BURST electric toothbrush, have a quad pacer timer. This timer alerts you to move to each section of the mouth for 30 seconds over a 2 minute period. This ensures you are brushing your teeth all evenly and for the correct amount of time!
  11. Electric toothbrushes usually provide more motivation for the user to do a better job!
  12. Studies show that people using an electric toothbrush concentrate on their technique better which would lead to a more effective brushing session.
  13. Electric toothbrushes can encourage children to have better dental visits since they will already be used to a powered brush.
  14. Braces and other orthodontic appliances are much usually easier to clean with an electric toothbrush! They provide that extra power that is needed to maintain those appliances and brackets!
  15. Electric toothbrushes have less waste. You only replace the toothbrush head instead of the whole brush.
  16. Sonic brushes are also great for those who are handicapped with limited hand mobility or have arthritis. Since the toothbrush itself does all the work with the powerful sonic vibrations, you can save your hands the extra effort. Plus, some sonic electric toothbrushes such as BURST are extremely lightweight so they are easier to hold. This is great for the elderly and those with disabilities!
  17. Sonic vibrations are great for getting around and irrigating existing dental restorations, under bridges and around crown margins! So a sonic brush can help you keep your teeth and dental work protected!
  18. The electric toothbrush covers more surface area than a standard manual toothbrush can. More plaque/biofilm removal coverage typically equals less cavities and gum disease.
  19. You should replace your brush head at least every 3 months. BURST has a super convenient subscription program that you can get the brush heads delivered to your door every 3 months for only $6!
  20. Last but not least, my favorite oral health company, BURST , offers a LIFETIME warranty. So it’s the only brush you will ever need again! Talk about cost efficient!

Which sonic electric toothbrush do I recommend?

Since I am a BURST Ambassador and dental hygienist, you can save $30 on the BURST brush only $39.99 with convenient brush heads sent to your door every 3 months for only $6! Link to get your BURST brush here > https://www.burstoralcare.com/product/toothbrush?coupon_code=FFERVX

To check out all the reasons why I love BURST. Check out this in depth review! BURST Toothbrush Promo Code FFERVX & Toothbrush Review


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