vape after teeth whitening

Vaping After Teeth Whitening, Is It Ok? Does It Stain? A Guide

Vaping After Teeth Whitening, Is It Ok? Does It Stain? A guide to white teeth and vaping.

BURST toothbrush review

BURST Toothbrush Promo Code & Review- 42% Off

Check out EVERYTHING you need to know about the BURST sonic electric toothbrush! BURST promo code FFERVX saves 42%!

does whitening strips work?

Do Whitening Strips Work? What You Need to Know First.

As a dental hygienist, I am often asked about teeth whitening products. Everybody wants whiter teeth. One common and inexpensive way to whiten teeth is whitening strips. So for the big question I get asked, do whitening strips work? Find out everything you need to know.

teeth yellow after braces

Teeth Yellow After Braces? Why and How to Fix It!

Teeth Yellow After Braces? Why and How to Fix It!

BURST Promo code

BURST Toothbrush Review and Videos

BURST toothbrush reviews. Video reviews.

plaque hd

Plaque on Teeth? How to Tell and Remove!

Plaque on teeth? How do you know if your kids are brushing their teeth well? What about you? Are you doing a good job brushing your teeth? Are you or your children getting the third degree about oral hygiene every time you go to the dentist? Plaque on teeth can be very damaging to the […]

Top 5 oral hygiene products

Best Products for Healthy Gums-Top 5 Recommended

Find out the TOP 5 Dental Hygienist recommended oral health products! Your awesome guide to great oral health!

How to Get Rid of Stains on Teeth

How to get rid of stains on teeth Having stains on your teeth can affect your confidence big time. While there are many factors that contribute to teeth discoloration, most of them are controllable. You can control what you put inside your mouth that affects the color of your teeth. Hi, I’m Kelly, registered dental […]

burst white strip review


Do the BURST coconut oil whitening strips really work? Check out this detailed review with before and after pictures!

burst whitening toothpaste


 BURST Whitening Toothpaste Review Since I’m already in love with every other product BURST has to offer I might as well try the BURST whitening toothpaste! As a BURST Ambassador I can save you $3 off and up to 42% off of the rest of their amazing products so be sure to visit and […]