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Since I’m already in love with every other product BURST has to offer I might as well try the BURST whitening toothpaste!

As a BURST Ambassador I can save you $3 off and up to 42% off of the rest of their amazing products so be sure to visit www.burstoralcare.com and type in burst promo code FFERVX to save!!

Here is my review of the new BURST Whitening toothpaste!

This toothpaste removes surface stains fast and leaves teeth visibly whiter! It is enamel safe and helps prevent tooth decay! It also has a “no burn” mint flavor. The perfect mixture of strengthening fluoride and whitening ingredients to help keep teeth strong, white, healthy and cavity free!!

That shiny silver packaging lures me in everytime. I’m a sucker for sexy packaging! BURST sure did a great job on their branding!

First thing I noticed was the texture. It’s not a gel, not a paste…but more of a creamy texture. I dig it. Next thing I noticed and loved was the NO BURN mint flavor. I must have sensitive gums because a lot of the other competitor toothpastes seem to be too minty and almost feel spicy or hot but to me but BURST was just perfect! It left my mouth feeling refreshed and smelling good but without the super strong typical mint burn! PERFECT! My teeth also looked visibly whiter after just one brush!

This toothpaste gets a 10 out of 10 from me!

BURST Whitening Toothpaste is available as a single purchase or as a subscription. If you subscribe, you can choose how many tubes you would like sent to your house every 3 months and they can ship them right along with your replacement toothbrush heads! Or if you just want to try it out, order just one.

I promise you’ll be back for more!

Be sure to use my burst promo coupon code FFERVX at www.burstoralcare.com to save $3 off of this wonderfully whitening toothpaste! Plus up to 42% off all other products! Free shipping no minimums!

Here is a direct link with all discounts automatically applied.

To keep teeth white and bright, be sure to use our charcoal sonic electric toothbrush. It will help remove stains and prevent future stains. It is normally $69 but with my BURST Ambassador promo code it is $30 off making it only $39! To REALLY whiten your teeth to their whitest, use BURST COCONUT OIL WHITENING STRIPS! My BURST promo code will give you $5 off making them only $14.99! That is the most affordable white strips I have ever seen plus they achieve the BEST results with little to no sensitivity!

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