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BURST Oral Care Promo Code and Savings: All you need to know to save! 

Burst sonic toothbrush promo code FFERVX saves money at burst oral care

burst oral care

As a dental hygienist , blogger and BURST Ambassador, I spend a lot of my time writing articles for patient education. I spend time encouraging and recommending the best dental products out there which  includes Burst products. I wanted to create a post where someone could find all the information about the discounts that burst ambassadors (dentist and dental hygienist)  are able to provide. We all have one common goal here: to get as many healthy mouths as possible! 

I want to make sure people are taking advantage of this discount and getting the best oral health care possible! Burst has not only has created the most powerful and affordable sonic electric toothbrush on the market. It’s the most efficient sonic electric toothbrush.
Burst oral care toothbrush review

Why is BURST Oral Care the best sonic electric toothbrush on the market?

The bristles on the BURST brush are unparalleled to any of their competitors. They have multiple rows which are great for getting in the tiny nooks and crannies that other toothbrushes just can’t reach. They reach the interproximal area much better as well. They are extremely thin, soft and tapered. This dynamic trio is exactly what you want in a toothbrush! These guys have seriously thought of everything! The best cleaning without damaging gums or causing recession!  

Burst sonic electric toothbrush has three modes, whitening, sensitive and massage. whitening has 33,000 Sonic vibrations per minute. Sensitive has 31,000 Sonic vibrations per minute and massage has 33,000 on it vibrations per minute plus vibrations! it has a 2 minute timer so you ensure that you’re brushing for the correct amount of time. The burst toothbrush also vibrates every 30 seconds to let you know to move to a different section of your mouth. So that ensures that you’re brushing all areas equally! this is important because so many times in private practice I see where people are not brushing all areas of their mouths equally.  

Another plus with this awesome BURST oral care sonic electric toothbrush is that the battery is a strong lithium battery that lasts at least 4 weeks! This makes the BURST sonic toothbrush perfect for traveling and putting away your charger so you don’t have so much clutter! 
 Last but not least AFFORDABILITY… My burst promo code, since I’m a dental hygienist, I can provide you with $30 off of the brush making it incredibly affordable at only $39! The brush heads are delivered to your door every 3 months for only $6! So easy. You never have to go to the store to get any toothbrush replacements again!!At $6 that’s incredibly affordable compared to the higher expensive competitor brush heads! 
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So what are you waiting for? Give yourself the gift of oral health! Burst promo code FFERVX at burstoralcare.com or here is a direct link with all of the best burst discounts attached!

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