BURST : How I Got Whiter Teeth and A Brighter Smile in 7 Days

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The internet has been buzzin’ a lot lately about BURST oral care, sending people scrambling for BURST promo codes. What is the hype all about?

Before I answer your question, here’s something you might have thought about yourself before:

You wondered how some people got their teeth so white and gums healthy in such a short time.

You feel embarrassed by your stained teeth that you don’t smile that much and people thought you were just a lonely, miserable person.
You want to know a faster way to whiten your teeth. Like in 7 days.
I know, I know, you’d think I am over-exaggerating. 
But the truth is I did find out what helped make their pearly whites their best assets.
As a registered hygienist,  I’ve had my share of seeing yellow-stained teeth. I had once too. It simply can’t be avoided because of the food we take. There are a lot of other contributing factors to having stained teeth.
So what’s the secret to having whiter teeth so quick?

The secret is no more a secret. I must admit, at first I was quite hesitant about this product because I have tried them all. As a dental hygienist, I need to be sure about the effects of this product. I thought this was just one of those toothbrushes promising to take away those nasty build-ups. But I was in for a surprise! 
Burst before and after
This is my own personal experience of using Burst Oral Care products.
The moment I used it, I knew I found my “ONE TRUE BRUSH.”
Here’s the good news! I am about to share to you how you can also have your “one true brush” and get whiter teeth.

Introducing 💜BURST ORAL CARE💜  !!
BURST coupon code

Recommended by dentist and dental hygienist (uhmm..that’s me), BURST Oral Care is the most powerful sonic electric toothbrush on the market with the softest CHARCOAL infused bristles! 

Did I say powerful yet soft? That’s what makes it unique! It’s powerful but it won’t hurt your gums.

I know, I know, you want this too! Here’s more good news!

As a BURST ambassador, I have a code to share with my patients, family and friends to make this brush affordable at 42% off!  And I am sharing that with YOU! 

Yes, you read that right! 42% off! 

With my Professional Discount Code: FFERVX, you can get this brush for $39.99,  that’s a huge 42% off the regular retail price! 
Even if you are not my patient.
Even if you are not my family or friend. 
Even if you just landed here on my blog by accident. 

So you’re probably thinking, what’s the catch? 
There is no catch! Let’s promote good oral health.

People close to me know that I won’t recommend something that I don’t believe in and have not personally tried.

Use this promo code to get that big discount now!

BURST brush promo code FFERVX
Burst Sonic Toothbrush in White and Black
The BURST brush is beautiful in both black and white. Its fantastic sonic action fights surface stains and is designed to make your teeth 🌟WHITER and BRIGHTER🌟 in just days. 

The super soft, charcoal-infused bristles blast plaque and gingivitis, not your gums! 

Here’s more to love about Burst toothbrush.

💜Charcoal bristles are soft, tapered, gentle and remove stains better!  Brush heads are only $6, much more affordable option than competitors!
💜2min pace timer ensures you brush long enough and the battery stays charged for up to 4weeks!
💜Lifetime warranty and awesome customer service. 90 day love it guarantee. 

And it’s only at burstoralcare.com

And there’s more⬇️⬇️⬇️
💜 Coconut oil whitening strips ONLY $14.99
💜 Whitening toothpaste ONLY $6.99

But this is available for only a limited time so get it now while it’s hot!

You will see in no time that you will be saying hello to a brighter, whiter smile. 

Say hello to a new you!

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