BURST Corn Challenge

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What is with all these BURST corn videos?

I know, I know, these BURST corn videos are oddly addicting to watch! I just love seeing those coffee grounds fly off that corn!

Just imagine how well that brush can clean your teeth!

BURST corn test

EEEEEKKKK!!! I’m so EXCITED! I sent my amazing hairdresser, vlogger and friend, Jesi Hallman, a BURST sonic electric toothbrush! She instantly fell in love with it and made an AWESOME video review of the burst toothbrush! She did the burst corn challenge showing how well the burst brush compares to its competitors!

The #burstcornchallenge it’s such an awesome way to get a good visual of how well the burst toothbrush performs! Or better yet OUTPERFORMS its competitor brushes!

Check it out here ⬇️

UPDATE: Check out my latest video doing the BURST corn challenge!

? Corn cobs have lots of deep spaces, nooks and crannies just like our teeth do! Jesi demonstrates plaque removal using a standard manual toothbrush, the other leading sonic toothbrush and the last the burst sonic electric toothbrush!

Just look at the difference!!! Unbelievable!! The other toothbrushes left the coffee grounds all in between the nooks and crannies! Burst blasted it ALL away!!! I know which one I would like to brush my teeth with!

BURST promo code

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?Charcoal infused bristles to reduce surface stain. (Nanoparticles= non abrasive)
?2-minute timer & 30-second pausing timer
?Strong lithium battery! Lasts at least 4 weeks off of one charge
?Lifetime Warranty
?90 Days To Love It Or Send It Back
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Check out my other post on amazing BURST products below!
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