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Your smile is usually the first thing people notice when they meet you! That’s why I’m so thankful that BURST came out with Coconut Oil Whitening Strips and Whitening Toothpaste to help keep our pearly whites shiny!
As a BURST Ambassador and dental hygienist, I am able to share with you my professional discount code FFERVX to save you tons of money! I included my link below!

This is my honest review and my own personal pictures verifying how truly amazing this products is! In combination with the charcoal sonic electric toothbrush and Whitening Toothpaste, your teeth will be bright and white and STAY that way!

To be honest, I was a little worried I would not be able to whiten my teeth since I have a few teeth that are incredibly sensitive. In the past, every time I’ve tried to bleach my teeth, I have had a few teeth that give me what a call “zingers”, like a sharp, shooting nerve pain. I was told from several people that they had ZERO sensitivity with these so I was excited to test it out!

The packaging is beautiful, just like the rest of their products! Shiny silver is just so alluring to me!


Upon opening my package, I carefully read the directions. Super simple. The white strips come with a 7 day supply. Each day includes 7 upper teeth strips and 7 lower teeth strips. I like to brush with my

BURST charcoal sonic electric toothbrush first. Then simply fold the top strips over the top teeth and the bottom on the lower teeth.

Then you are free to do as you wish for the next 10-15 minutes. You can put on your makeup, you can take a shower. Or you can treat yourself do nothing, my personal preference.

After the time is up simply remove the strips and brush off any excess!

BOOM. Seriously that simple. You instantly have a whiter smile!

I would never recommend something I don’t 100 percent believe in so I was sure to do my own test to show all of you! I made sure to take every single picture in the exact same place, lighting, time of day with NO FILTERS. I wanted to do a true test so I can share my honest experience!

I wanted to test out the sensitivity the first time I bleached so I only wore them 10 minutes. Here are my results from ONE use!!

That was done in ten minutes! AHHHMAAAZZIIIIING! I had ZERO sensitivity so I continued to do the same every day! Here are my 7 day results with pictures everyday.

So awesome! Not a lick of sensitivity the entire time! I’ve found my perfect teeth whitening products!

Oh and no taste. I don’t like coconut at all and these don’t taste like typical white strip chemicals nor do they taste like coconut! Now to keep my smile white and bright I will continue to use the BURST charcoal sonic electric toothbrush which will remove and prevent future stains and I also use BURST whitening toothpaste!

Be sure to use my BURST promo code FFERVX at www.burstoralcare.com to save $5 off of your coconut oil whitening strips plus free shipping and up to 42% all of BURST other amazing products!

That includes $30 off of the sonic toothbrush and $3 off of the travel case and whitening toothpaste!

Here is a direct link you can simply click and all discounts will automatically apply!


Let me know if you have any questions! I’m always here to help! And I would LOVE it if you shared

your results with me!!!

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