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The Ultimate Best Tooth Fairy Ideas List!

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Losing baby teeth is such a special milestone for parents and children alike. It represents a child’s transition from a tiny, small child to a child who is starting to grow up and get their big adult teeth.

When preparing for the Tooth Fairy arrival, these Tooth Fairy Ideas can help make the experience truly magical.

Sometimes you will find your child extra curious about the Tooth Fairy experience. These Tooth Fairy ideas can help ease your child into the idea of the Tooth Fairy coming to visit and also spark excitement.

This can be especially beneficial if your child has had fear of losing their teeth. These Tooth Fairy ideas may help encourage your child to finally have the courage to get out that wiggly tooth.

Ultimate Tooth Fairy Idea List for Boys and Girls

Tooth Fairy Pillow Kit for girls and boys

This tooth fairy pillow kit is the absolute cutest! My son and niece are loving their tooth fairy pillow kits! Each kit comes with a big pillow with a cute and secured velcro pocket on the back to hold their tooth and money in. The pillows come in superhero or princess styles.

Included with the kit is a notepad where your child can write a letter to the tooth fairy. It also has a space to write which tooth was lost and how they lost it.

The tooth fairy pillow kit comes with an adorable felt wallet to store tooth fairy notes and lost teeth in. You can also put a picture of your child on the front in the clear display pocket. These tooth fairy letters are memories you will cherish forever and can save them to give to your child when they are grown.

Mud Pie Tooth Fairy Dolls

These linen Mud Pie Tooth Fairy Dolls are just presh! If your child likes dolls, they will be sure to love these well made specially designed dolls. These come 4 ways. A ballerina, a pirate, a unicorn and a mermaid. You really can’t go wrong here.

The Night Before the Tooth Fairy Book

The Night Before the Tooth Fairy book is is the perfect book to buy when your child’s first tooth starts to get wiggly! Not only is it adorable and rhyme, it will help prepare your child for what is to come.

Sometimes children get nervous when they are about to lose their first tooth. Everything is uncertain for them. This book is perfect for discussing wiggly teeth and preparation for the tooth fairy. This tooth fairy book is sure to get your child excited for their big day!

The Toothless Monster

Okay so this one is a HUGE hit with all of the kids! The Toothless Monster toy is so cool! This monster magically gains a tooth with each tooth fairy visit! Your child gets to be the hero of this ADORABLE story!

There is a secret pouch under the monsters tongue to secure the child’s tooth in place so it does not get lost. This also goes well with the story, like you are feeding the monster your teeth. By the way, just to note, this monster does not replace the actual Tooth Fairy just enhances the story.

This set comes with in blue or purple for a boy or girl monster. Each Toothless Monster kit has 16 teeth. Once the child loses their tooth, they put in in a pocket under the monsters tongue. Then the tooth fairy can easily take their tooth and swap it to give the monster a new tooth. So each time your child loses a tooth, the monster gains one!

Even cooler, you can buy separate glow in the dark teeth for this toothless monster. The book also has helpful dental advice which is motivating good oral health habits.

FAO Schwarz Tooth Fairy Tale Book and Keepsake Box

This complete tooth fairy kit is the ultimate bundle. It has the cutest tooth fairy book about how the tooth fairy came to be. It has a photo album with a slot for 6 pictures so you can see how your child’s smile changes. Also includes a fun pretend tooth fairy wand and soft tooth fairy pillow. Every thing fits nice and neatly in this adorable keepsake box.

Gold Foiled Tooth Fairy Certificates (32 pack)

These tooth fairy certificates are so special. The gold foil seal really makes it stand out. Your child will love getting these rewards with every tooth they lose.

Gold Tooth Fairy Keepsake Coins

There is something cool about getting a special coin. These gold tooth fairy coins aren’t cheapy plastic, but actual weighted, authentic feeling metal coins. Your child will be so excited to when the tooth fairy leaves behind this special treasure.

Dragon Tooth Fairy Doll

This dragon tooth fairy doll is a huge hit with the boys. This cool dragon is 9″ tall and has a cute little pocket to hold tooth fairy notes or teeth in for the tooth fairy exchange.

Tooth Fairy Necklace

This Tooth Fairy charm necklace is a big hit with the girls! They will cherish this thank you note and Tooth Fairy necklace for many years.

Written on the gift is this adorable poem:

“Whilst you were sleeping, I came in the night.
Under your pillow was a tooth clean and white.
I took it away and left a pretty necklace for you.
.Hope that you like it…
.and may all your dreams come true! -Made especially for you by the Tooth Fairy with love….

C.R. Gibson Child Keepsake Tooth Fairy Kit with Stickers, 65 pcs

C.R. Gibson Tooth Fairy kit is a wonderful all inclusive gift. This kit comes with 20 envelopes and cards for your child to fill out with each lost tooth. It also has thank you letters from the tooth fairy and gold foiled stickers. This Tooth Fairy kit comes with a pretty Tooth Fairy door hanger to hang on their door to exchange teeth and letters. This makes the Tooth Fairies job much easier than her trying to get under a pillow!

Dinosaur Tooth Fairy Pillow

This dinosaur tooth fairy pillow is a hit with all the dinosaur lovers out there. I know some hard core dino loving children. This cute dino pillow has a pocket for easy tooth storage while waiting on the Tooth Fairy!

Tooth Fairy Ideas Conclusion

Hope you enjoyed this Tooth Fairy ideas list. We tried to include the best of the best Tooth Fairy ideas and give some variety from jewelry and dolls to special Tooth Fairy gold coins. If you have any ideas you think are great, send them to me at

Kelly Hancock, RDH

ideas to bring a smile to your child's face. Gold coins, tooth fairy pillows, tooth fairy books and more. Losing teeth is such a special time, it should be celebrated! #toothbrushlife #toothfairy #losingteeth #growingup #tooth #fairy
ideas to bring a smile to your child's face. Gold coins, tooth fairy pillows, tooth fairy books and more. Losing teeth is such a special time, it should be celebrated! #toothbrushlife #toothfairy #losingteeth #growingup #tooth #fairy

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