How to Find the Best Dental Insurance for Your Family

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Want to know how to find the right dental insurance for you and your family? Look no further. We have compiled a list to help you choose the best dental insurance.

Dental insurance premiums are thankfully not as expensive as health insurance. A lot of health insurance policies are designed to cover most of your dental expenses once your deductibles are paid. When it comes to dental insurance policies, there is usually a yearly limit to what can be covered. This is why many people seek the best dental insurance.

Dental insurance plans often cover from 80 to 100% of examinations as well as a dental cleanings and x-rays. But in the case of procedures involving crowns, fillings, gum disease treatment and root canals, you may only be able to get coverage for half the cost. There are also certain procedures that are not eligible for coverage.

Have you ever had to put off some necessary procedures due to cost issues even when you have dental insurance? You are not alone. Maybe people opt not to have dental care in certain situations because their insurance does not provide coverage for such a procedure. There are also cases where others exhaust their yearly coverage.

If you are looking to buy a dental insurance plan, keep reading to find key steps that can help you find the right dental insurance.

Consider dental needs

Make sure when choosing the right dental insurance that you are considering the dental needs for you and your family. Do you know you need a lot of dental work done? Opt for a good high option dental plan with higher coverage.

Do you have children that will be covered under this dental policy? Children often need more preventative care such as sealants and fluoride treatments. Check to see if these benefits are covered.

Will someone in the family need their wisdom teeth removed? Do you need teeth replaced? These questions should all go into your analysis for finding the best dental insurance for your needs.

What about someone under the policy needing to see an orthodontist to get braces? Braces are only covered partly under select dental plans so keep this in mind when choosing the right dental insurance for you and your family.

Look for several dentist options

Make sure your plan offers a few different options of dentist who accept the insurance. You don’t want to be stuck only being able to go to one dentist. That dentist may not work out for you and you may need to switch providers. So be sure that you have a few different options of dental providers in your area to choose from.

Verify that group coverage is available

There are employee benefit programs as well as group coverage programs that give benefits to individuals who have dental insurance.

Some of these programs are AARP, Medicaid, Tricare, etc. When compared to buying individual dental plans, these group coverage programs offer plans that are usually not as expensive.

You may also be entitled to even more benefits with group coverage. However, before you go on to buy a plan sponsored by an employer, analyze all the details. Be sure that the premiums you will pay are actually worth your money.

Compare individual policies

Individual policies usually cost more than group policies. They also come with more limitations in terms of benefits.

Are you trying to buy a dental insurance for yourself or your loved ones? You should know that individual policies usually come with waiting periods should you need them for a major procedure. Never think that you can sign up just to get dental insurance for implants or for a major procedure. Dental insurance providers know of this strategy used by many people. So, they fix a waiting period which may be as long as one year. You can only access the benefits after the waiting duration elapses.

To get the best dental plans, take some time to compare dental providers. Ask for dental and health insurance quotes as well as policy information from insurance companies. You could also seek the assistance of an experienced insurance agent.

Screen the network and examine the dentists

Most dental insurance plans offered by Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) only allow you to use a dentist in their network. Should you come across a dentist of your choice, determine what plans they accept.

Check out this article out on how to choose the right dentist. The best way is to ask for recommendations from professionals, as well as friends and neighbors. They will point you in the direction of a good dentist.

At this point, you can check to see the discount and insurance plans that they accept.

What is the extent of dental policy coverage?

While budgeting for dental expenses, take some time to compare dental insurance policies. There are dental policies that provide coverage for root canals, dental surgeries as well as restorations and dentures. However, you sometimes have to wait until a specific duration elapses to begin using your benefits. Most times, such benefits cover only half of the costs.

If the need for a major procedure arises, keep in mind that most of the costs will be your responsibility. You may still have to pay a significant amount.

When it comes to group policies as well as individual policies, there are limitations and variations to the benefits. Also, most of the plans cover only some part of the costs if it is a major dental procedure.

Analyze different dental plans

Even if your colleagues or friends have a similar insurance company, they may be on a different dental insurance plan from yours. That is why checking and analyzing every detail is important.

Set some personal savings aside

While you carry out your analysis and compare dental providers, keep in mind that individual dental plans usually require a waiting period. Any major dental procedure will not be eligible for coverage usually in the first 12 months. Additionally, the benefit is usually enough to cover only 50% of the costs. Get yourself a savings account where you can set aside some personal savings should a major procedure arise.

Finding the right dental insurance

One thing that dental insurance guarantees is that you’ll get preventive care coverage. The costs of cleanings, routine checks, X-rays, etc. will be typically be covered at 80 to 100%. There should be no waiting period for routine cleaning and exams.

If you have dental benefits, you will be even more eager to visit the dentist often. You’ll, also, be more likely to improve your general health and well being.

With that in mind, the motivation you need to go for preventive care is to buy the dental insurance that suits your needs – one that you’re comfortable with. This will help you to cut down on the costs of paying for very expensive procedures.

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Kelly is a registered dental hygienist and oral health care provider. She is passionate about oral hygiene and encourages people to achieve optimal oral health. She has been working in the dental profession for 16 years and worked in many different roles in the dental industry. Kelly is currently a pediatric dental hygienist specializing in children’s dentistry. She is committed to helping others with their oral health care issues and helping others achieve a smile they love.

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