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5 BEST Baby Toothbrush Picks- by a Dental Hygienist

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A pediatric dental hygienist’s Top 5 picks for the best baby toothbrush

Having been a pediatric dental hygienist for 9 years, pediatric dentistry is my true passion. I love working with the babies and children. Watching them grow up and seeing them go from babies to graduating is so amazing.

What is even cooler, is turning a once frightened child into a child who loves the dentist and actually looks forward to their dental visits. All that being said, I spend a lot of my time researching the perfect dental products for my patients. This list are my top 5 picks for the best baby toothbrushes.

I see many patients even younger than age 1. Some patients I get to see before they even start to get teeth in. I love these appointments because I get to spend a lot of one on one time with the parents to provide patient education for their children.

It is important to start brushing your babies gums from the day you bring them home from the hospital. This starts to set the standard of care and also paves the way for a good oral hygiene in the future.

Here is our list of the best baby toothbrushes to ensure that you and your baby are off to a good oral health start.

Bonus: If you are looking for a great kit that has everything you need to take care of you baby’s oral care, check out this awesome baby dental care kit. This contains all of my favorite baby oral care items. Perfect to buy for your own baby or as a baby shower gift!

Best Baby Toothbrushes

1. Eccomum : Baby Toothbrush Silicone Infant Training Toothbrush

This baby toothbrush rings in the number one spot for so many reasons. First of all, I have major anxiety when it comes to choking hazards. This baby toothbrush has an amazing anti-choking design. It’s shield prevents the baby from gagging and choking. It also makes it where the baby can brush independently or chew on the toothbrush if they are teething. This brush features a suction cup on it to prevent it from falling and getting dirty. Speaking of getting dirty, this baby toothbrush can be disassembled and sterilized in boiling water or the top rack of your dishwasher.

Key Features:

  • Anti-choking design
  • Suction Cups
  • Soft bristles, BPA free, Food Grade material
  • High temperature safe (top rack dishwasher safe)

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2. Jordan Step 1 Baby Toothbrush, 0-2 Years, Soft Bristles, BPA Free

This number 2 choice for the best baby toothbrush has a great design. Babies love this toothbrush. It has a nice big, wide design that babies love to hold. It also has a chewing grip that is great for stimulating the babies gums and helps with teething. I love the fact that it has a blue color coated bristles to show the parent how much fluoride toothpaste to use.

Key Features:

  • Award winning design
  • Chewing grip (BPA free)- helps with teething and gum stimulation
  • Easy to hold
  • Soft bristles
  • Color coated bristles show how much fluoride toothpaste to use.

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3. Fridababy : Baby’s First Toothbrush with Case, Finger toothbrush

I highly recommend this finger toothbrush on the tiniest of babies. From the day you bring your infant home, you should wipe their gums clean. This is the number one baby finger toothbrush I recommend. It is soft, has three sided bristles and is bacteria resistant!

NOTE: Although it says that this brush can be used up to a toddler stage, I recommend switching to one of the soft bristled brushes listed above once they start to get teeth in.

Key Features:

  • Triple-angle silicone double-sided brush cleans and massages all sides of the teeth and gums at once
  • Safe bacteria-resistant brush works with or without infant toothpaste and is safe to clean
  • Storage case to keep brush clean and dust-free when not in use

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4. Baby Banana Toothbrush ,Silicone Infant Training Finger toothbrushes with Storage Case

I used this all the time on my own babies. Perfect, safe design for babies to use independently. I let them use it as a teether. It cleans and massages babies gums while also cleaning their teeth and providing them relief from teething.

Key Feaures:

  • SAFE: 100% food grade silicone, BPA free.
  • Soft bristles clean teeth well and massage gums
  • Safe design, great for babies to teeth and chew on independently
  • Suction cup to keep it from falling over and getting dirty
  • Can be used as a teether and a toothbrush
  • Super easy grasp
  • Storage case

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5. Dr. Brown’s Baby Toothbrush, Giraffe Infant-to-Toddler Toothbrush

The cute baby giraffe design is a favorite among babies. They love the easy grip of this toothbrush. Bonus: the giraffes four legs make it where it stands up and remains clean instead of falling over.

Key Features:

  • Cute giraffe design
  • Easy grip
  • Stands up and doesn’t fall down
  • Soft BPA bristles

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In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best baby toothbrushes. I chose several different toothbrush types depending on the stage your baby is in. Good oral hygiene habits start early so be sure to get your little one off to a good start.

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Kelly Hancock, RDH

Kelly is a registered dental hygienist and oral health care provider. She is passionate about oral hygiene and encourages people to achieve optimal oral health. She has been working in the dental profession for 16 years and worked in many different roles in the dental industry. Kelly is currently a pediatric dental hygienist specializing in children’s dentistry. She is committed to helping others with their oral health care issues and helping others achieve a smile they love.

This article and all advice on this website, Toothbrush Life, is intended to help people gain knowledge about general oral health topics. No articles or advice on this website are intended to replace professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your dentist or qualified healthcare provider to help you with any questions you have regarding a medical condition or treatment.

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