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Dental Hygienist’s Autobrush 4 Review-No More Fighting With Your Kids to Brush!

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Struggling getting your kids to brush? Check out this Autobrush 4 Review by a Dental Hygienist

automatic toothbrush review

Are you tired of fighting with your kids to get them to brush their teeth? If so, you are definitely not alone!

I am a dental hygienist and have been working in pediatric dentistry for many years. One of the number one complaints I get from parents is the struggle of getting their child to brush their teeth.

Well look no further, I have found a solution for you! This automatic toothbrush is a true gamechanger for getting your kids to brush their teeth! It has super pumped up music and awesome beneficial lights that get your kids motivated to brush!

Keep reading to check out this Autobrush 4 review!

Let’s face it, most kids don’t like brushing their teeth. I see the struggles so many parents are facing trying to get their kids to brush. Brushing teeth can be a real struggle for children and even many adults! Many children struggle with not wanting to brush their teeth and when they do, they don’t brush nearly long or well enough.

You probably notice lots of left behind plaque after your kids are done brushing. This is why as a pediatric dental hygienist, I always advise parents to brush their child’s teeth for them until at least about 8-9 years old. Young kids just don’t have greatest hand dexterity (or patience) to take do the best job brushing their teeth.

Check out this Autobrush 4 review and bonus, if you stick around, I’ll share my professional discount code with you so you can save big money!

You can also scroll down to check out my video on how to use it, all the features and also check out my cute kids using their brushes!

Automatic Toothbrush

First, let’s talk about automatic toothbrushes. The dental world is constantly evolving and coming up with cool new dental products to help make oral care better. Automatic toothbrushes are a fairly new innovation and I believe at some point they may be the future to at home toothbrushing.

The idea behind automatic toothbrushes is that the bristles surround and clean all of the teeth at the same time. The Autobrush 4 has a U-shaped brush head that covers all of the teeth’s surfaces to deliver a 360 degree clean.

Autobrush 4 Review

The previous V3 models were great but they really stepped it up with the new models! If you want to see the old model review, you check it out here- Autobrush V3 review

The Autobrush 4 is the newest model automatic toothbrush that was just released. This cool toothbrush device will blow you away with the ease of use and all of it’s cool features. Bonus, the Autobrush isn’t just for kids. Adults love this automatic toothbrush too!

The new Autobrush 4 is a automatic toothbrush that has 30,000 sonic vibrations per minute that blasts away plaque and bacteria. While brushing your teeth for the right amount of time is important, brushing your teeth the right way is even more important.

The Autobrush 4 has tons of bristles that are placed very strategically to get an ideal clean. This brush uses the BASS technique which is the recommended brushing method preferred by dental professionals.

This brush has bristles in all of the right places. It has some bristles pointing to the chewing surface of the teeth and the others are pointing at a 45 degree angle at the gum line.

These areas are very important to concentrate on while brushing. This toothbrush takes the guess work out of brushing correctly.

The Autobrush 4 has super soft, silicone bristles that are great for those with sensitive or receding gums. These soft silicone bristles make sure you aren’t brushing too hard and are very gentle for even the most sensitive gums!

Who is This Brush Good for?

This brush is perfect for so many types of people.

  • A quick brush- great for squeezing in extra brushings
  • the lazy brusher – good for those who won’t brush long or well
  • kids- because it is quick, effective, motivating and FUN
  • special needs, elderly and their care takers- makes brushing all of the teeth very easy. Does not require as much hand dexterity as traditional brushing
  • those with sensitive or receding gums- very gentle bristles
  • those who want to whiten their teeth- you can get the whitening combo and brush and whiten with the same device
  • those with arthritis- easy to grip and easy to use
  • anyone- anyone and everyone can benefit from getting in extra, easy brushing time

Autobrush Promo Code

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How to use the Autobrush 4

how to use the autobrush

To use this brush, simply put the foaming toothpaste on the top and bottom bristles. Place the brush in the mouth (as shown above) and grip it with your teeth. Move the brush from left to right and up and down. Be sure to wiggle the device around making sure it is scrubbing your teeth well.

The toothbrush will use 30,000 sonic vibrations per minute plus your scrubbing motion to blast plaque away.

I feel the need to mention a common misconception about automatic toothbrushes here. Automatic toothbrushes can work well but they don’t do all of the work on their own. You MUST still wiggle the brush side to side and up and down to help the bristles scrub off the plaque. It is the combo of your scrubbing motion plus the sonic vibrations that get the teeth super clean. Moving this brush around is super easy and the motion is much easier than traditional brushing especially for children!

This combo of moving the brush all around plus the sonic vibrations can clean all of your teeth at the same time in just 30 seconds!

You can set the timer for 30, 60 or 90 seconds. This means this brush is constantly scrubbing every single tooth in the mouth for at least 30 seconds.

With a regular toothbrush, we always recommend brushing for 2 minutes. Even doing the full 2 minutes, you are only spending a few seconds on each tooth. The Autobrush 4 brushes every single tooth in the mouth simultaneously. So you are technically brushing all of your teeth surfaces for a longer amount of time than if you were brushing regularly.

Light Settings

The Autobrush 4 has 3 beneficial light settings to choose from. The blue light helps kill harmful gingivitis causing bacteria while the red light promotes healing and gum health. Studies show that therapeutic red lights promote soft tissue healing and can reduce gum inflammation. You can also use the purple combo light to get both of these benefits in one as your brush.

Autobrush 4 for Kids

The Autobrush 4 for kids has fun lights and music to really get your kids excited and motivated to brush! This music gets my kids up and going and in a GOOD mood every morning. It also comes in cute animals such as a hippo, zebra, monkey and a lion. My kids loved picking out their animals.

One of the best upgrades on this newer model is the brush head size. Now they have several brush head sized to choose from. The 3-4 year old size is a perfect fit for my little one!

They also have super yummy foaming kids toothpaste flavors strawberry and bubblegum!

Check out my kids reaction and how they use their brushes in the Autobrush V4 review video below.

Autobrush 4 Review Video

Automatic Teeth Whitening

With the adult Autobrush 4, you also whiten your teeth fast and easily! You can purchase a whitening tray with teeth whitening gel that fits on your device from Autobrush. EASILY brush and whiten your teeth with the 10 minute whitening kit all with one device. The blue light on the device enhances teeth whitening leaving you with a clean, white smile!

Autobrush Foaming Toothpaste

autobrush foaming toothpaste

You don’t have to use foaming toothpaste with an automatic toothbrush but it is recommended. I personally love all three flavors they offer: mint, bubblegum and strawberry. My kids are big fans of foaming toothpaste. They seem to brush better because they don’t get big clumps that make them gag.

Dental Hygienist Recommedations

My hygienist heart won’t let me tell you to solely use the Autobrush alone. I like to use it in conjunction with regular brushing and flossing.

While it is an awesome and effective brush, I still personally think that everyone should use a normal manual or electric toothbrush before going to sleep. The last brush before bed is the most important. This is because your teeth usually remain clean for the longest amount of time while you sleep. Always be sure to brush and floss thoroughly before bed.

Then when you wake up, use the Autobrush for your morning brush or even to squeeze in more brushings throughout the day. So for you children, be sure to brush your kids teeth for them before bed with a normal toothbrush and then you can let your kids brush themselves with Autobrush in the morning. Bonus, the music and lights from the brush will really get your kids up and moving for the day!

I think the best oral health care comes from using a variety of products. Using the right dental products can help you achieve optimal oral health.


autobrush floss and autobrush foaming strawberry toothpaste

Just a quick note to add that even though this brush is super cool, it does not replace flossing. No toothbrush replaces flossing. Even as much as I love water flossers, they do not either.

Always use floss to clean in between the teeth. Be sure to hug the side of each tooth and gently scrub up and down a few times. This helps prevent gum disease and cavities from forming in between the teeth.

Autobrush has these cute animal, yummy flavored floss sticks that will have your kids flossing with ease.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoyed this Autobrush 4 review or purchased one for yourself or family, leave me a comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts!

Kelly Hancock, RDH

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Kelly is a registered dental hygienist and oral health care provider. She is passionate about oral hygiene and encourages people to achieve optimal oral health. She has been working in the dental profession for 16 years and worked in many different roles in the dental industry. Kelly is currently a pediatric dental hygienist specializing in children’s dentistry. She is committed to helping others with their oral health care issues and helping others achieve a smile they love.

This article and all advice on this website, Toothbrush Life, is intended to help people gain knowledge about general oral health topics. No articles or advice on this website are intended to replace professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your dentist or qualified healthcare provider to help you with any questions you have regarding a medical condition or treatment.

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