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Coco Floss Review

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Coco Floss

Why I Just Had to Try Coco Floss

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I get when I see other dental professionals start geeking out over dental products! As a registered dental hygienist and certified tooth nerd, I get over the moon when I get to try something new! I kept hearing all the rage about this Coco Floss and so I just had to give it a try!

And I am SOOO glad I did.

Once you use this floss, no other floss is going to satisfy you. This is the most amazing floss I have ever tried! Literally, obsessed.

Here’s why.

All About Coco Floss

Coco Floss is so much different then any floss you have ever used. It’s a completely different clean. It is thick and super strong. Don’t let that scare you. I know some people are automatically thinking that their teeth spaces are too tight. They are not! This floss has vegan wax and coconut oil so it glides through even tight spaces easily. The coconut oil is soothing to your gums too. It feels Iike the floss actually expands between the teeth and scrubs all the grime off.

What is Coco Floss Made Out Of?

Coco floss is made of thick polyester fiber. It has over 500 filaments!!
Yes, 500. Holy Moly! It literally scrapes off plaque and bacteria from between teeth like nothing I’ve even seen or felt.

Speaking of seeing…

My favorite (and grossest) part about this floss is its blue color that allows you to see all that nasty gunk that has been hiding between those tiny spaces between your teeth.

If anyone uses this floss and then sees all the gross plaque all over that string, they will be sure to floss more often!

I was so intrigued that I almost posted a picture for you guys to see it up close but then I figured I would spare you. You’ll have to get it and see for yourself!

How do I get my kids to floss?

Cocofloss is perfect for yourself and especially your kids. Seeing is believing. One look at all that crud and you will finally understand why flossing is so important! You can brush your kids teeth and then floss their teeth and have them visibly see all of the plaque that is microscopically hiding in between their teeth.

Coco Floss is Safe

Did I mention Cocofloss is cruelty-free, vegan, gluten free, paraben, PFAS free?

Oh and it comes in some awesome fun flavors including strawberry, orange, coconut and passion fruit!

Flossing Benefits

Flossing removes harmful plaque and bacteria from in between teeth. This can prevent cavities and gum disease. Advanced gum disease (periodontal disease) can cause tooth loss. So definitely floss to save your teeth! The saying is, you don’t have to floss all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep! Which I hope is all of them 🙂

Flossing and Whitening Teeth

Another benefit of flossing is to prevent and help remove teeth stains. Some teeth stains will have to be removed by a dental professional. But flossing can help keep your teeth whiter by not allowing the plaque from foods and drinks to stain between the teeth.

Flossing and Bad Breath

If you are not flossing then there is a good chance your breath isn’t up to it’s optimal freshness. Food debris, plaque and calculus (tartar), lodge between teeth and can cause bad breath. Flossing will help remove all the stinky yuckiness in there and can help make your breath smell fresh again!

coco floss

Where Can I Buy Coco Floss?

You can buy Coco Floss and get $5 off with my referral link

Or If you are like me and Amazon obsessed, you can order it here

Give Me a Shout!

I would LOVE, love, LOVE to hear your feedback on this one as I am still totally geeking out over my new obsession with this floss! Let me know what you think in the comments!

coco floss review
coco floss


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