BURST toothbrush

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BURST Toothbrush

Check out my latest YouTube slideshow on the BURST toothbrush! As a dental hygienist and BURST Ambassador, I try to keep all of our customers and potential buyers in the loop. Here is a simple BURST Oral Care slideshow I made to show you everything you need to know about BURST!

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BURST Toothbrush Review

This slideshow shows pictures of all the different BURST brushes. You can see the toothbrush design as well as how it comes packaged in the box!

BURST toothbrushes come in a few different modern colors!

  • Sleek BLACK
  • Modern WHITE
  • Sexy ROSE GOLD

BURST Rose Gold Toothbrush

The BURST rose gold toothbrush has just been changed from a limited edition to part of our permanent collection due to its popularity! YAY!! Good news, the price dropped as well! WHOOP!

Previously the price of the huge rose gold burst kit was $89.99 with a burst promo code. This came with the BURST rose gold toothbrush, charger, travel bag and travel case. The previous kit also included prepaid brush heads for an entire year delivered to your door every 3 months for only $6!

The new lower priced kit is only $69.99 with my code FFERVX ($30 off). It includes everything it did before but instead of the prepaid brush heads, you pay $7 every 3 months for them. AMAZING DEAL!

BURST toothbrush promo code

BURST Sonic Toothbrush promo code

This BURST review slideshow includes pricing as well as how you can get your BURST brush at an awesome price using my burst promo code FFERVX @ burstoralcare.com or simply click this LINK and it will take you to all the amazing discounts! I love helping people achieve better oral health at such an affordable price!

Burst promo code and BURST pricing breakdown

BURST promo code

BURST Oral Care

BURST promo code

BURST discount code FFERVX saves up to 42% off the entire burst oral care website! Here is the breakdown!

  • $30 off the black, white BURST brush $39.99
  • $30 rose gold sonic toothbrush (includes travel case and travel bag)- $69.99
  • $5 off BURST coconut oil whitening strips ONLY $14.99
  • $3 off a travel case $9.99
  • $3 off whitening toothpaste $6.99
  • Replacement heads sent to your door every 3 months for only $6! Rose gold heads are $7!

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BURST Toothbrush Features

BURST Toothbrush features

This simple slideshow also shows some up close shots of the BURST Sonic toothbrush features. Check out some of the pictures to get a good look at what makes the BURST brush so amazing. I’ll list some features here:

  • MOST POWERFUL toothbrush on the market. Period. 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute!
  • Super SOFT nylon bristles
  • Superior bristle design. Multi LAYERED bristles, each individually TAPERED to clean BETTER!
  • Infused with binchotan CHARCOAL to help remove and prevent stain! WHITEN TEETH!
  • Charcoal is nanoparticles so NOT ABRASIVE to the teeth
  • Charcoal is ANTIMICROBIAL!
  • Embedded with a silicone RUBBER POLISHER to clean like at your dentist!
  • One SIMPLE button. EASY for ANYONE to use!
  • 2 minute TIMER. Brush for the recommended 2 minutes!
  • QUADPACER timer. Vibrates every 30 seconds to let you know to move to a different quadrant of your mouth
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, easy grip. Sleek design.
  • SUPER STRONG BATTERY. Last at least 4 weeks on one charge!
  • CONVENIENT USB charger. Take it anywhere!
  • 90 day love it GUARANTEE
  • LIFETIME Warranty as long as you continue to get your brush heads delivered every 3 months for only $6!

For an even more detailed review, check out some of my other blog post!


Burst Toothbrush BURST promo code burst Toothbrush savings. Burst coupon code and discount code FFERVX saves 42% off burstoralcare products!

BURST promo code burst Toothbrush savings. Burst coupon code and discount code FFERVX saves 42% off burstoralcare products!

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