BURST Toothbrush Video Review with Dr.Constantine

BURST Toothbrush Video Review with Dr.C!

Check out your favorite dancing dentist, Dr.Constantine! Dr.C now understands why so many dentists and dental hygienists are OBSESSED with the BURST sonic toothbrush and why they recommend the BURST toothbrush! His wife had seen the videos from the Kardashians and told him to jump on board and check BURST out!

In this video, Dr.Constantine does the #burstcornchallenge to show how effectively the BURST sonic electric toothbrush is at removing plaque, bacteria and debris! He explains the different modes, functions and features of the BURST oral care toothbrush!

Dr. Constantine does an up close shot of the BURST oral care toothbrush showing the

three modes, whitening, sensitive and massage. He talks about the charcoal infused and soft, feathered, tapered bristles!

He states he’s never seen a more effective toothbrush and I could not agree with him more!

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💜33,000 sonic vibrations per minute
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💜Charcoal infused bristles to reduce surface stain
💜2 minute quad paced timer
💜Battery life lasts at least 4 weeks
💜Lifetime Warranty
💜90 Days To Love It Or Send It Back
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